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Major Issues

If you accept the pension plan's "life insurance" offer, you are choosing:

  • A spousal reduction cost (a pension reduction amount) that increases with each cost-of-living increase;
  • Total forfeiture of that cost. You will have paid a huge sum of money and have no equity. Over your normal life expectancy that total could exceed $100,000, $250,000, $500,000 or more!
  • The forfeiture of the spousal reduction cost throughout the years should your spouse predecease you.
  • The risk of losing a large part of your pension income if your life (or your spouse's) is shorter than you expect it to be.

Is There A Better Way?

Often the answer is "yes". The better way is Pension Maximization -- your individualized pension plan:

  • Convert your spousal reduction cost (pension reduction) to an increasing asset--life insurance cash values;
  • Have large equity buildup (five and six figure amounts) at life expectancy;
  • Have access to substantial cash to fund unknowns and life events;
  • Recover the pension survivorship costs, and more;
  • Have the ability to leave remaining money to loved ones, or to leave a charitable legacy.
How much better?
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